Hang on, were not inside a black hole?!


Oh dear ladies and gentlemen looks like this mass panic of the earth ending today was all for nothing! Unless we’ve been sucked into the black hole and managed to sustain and preserve the earth so we can continuing living, but I think the black hole hasn’t consumed us. At least not yet anyway. Well yesterday I was eagely awaiting the turn on of the Hadron Collider, actually I overslept and completely forgot about it until I saw various news articles on MSN.com talking about it, then realised, oh yeah Earth’s meant to end today.

So it was 8:30 AM (The time of the big switch on of the Hadron Collier in GMT time) and bang! I tripped over my guitar amp, but besides that nothing happened, which is kind of a let down as many people were ready for the earth to be sucked into a black hole (You crazy fools!) but look on the bright side.. WE ARE ALIVE! Wow what a reward! Well actually. Not quite, turns out that the 10th of september was the day when they turn on the machine to make sure everything is working, and from various news sources apparently it did so apparently so far so good. I even listened to a interview after the big switch on with one of the people part of the project in the control room and although it had been a success he sounded mega depressed! And what made me laugh is the person in the interview actually kept saying “we weren’t sure of this” or “we were hoping” (Anyone that had complete faith in these people and thought that there research was backed up by evidence was actually believing in a theory!)

But despite that the machines beam apparently did 11,000 laps around it’s 27 Km area before stopping after the test had been deemed as a success. But are you ready for the next bit? The machine didn’t actually smash any particles and this is what is to come in the near future. Yes, the world ending when the Hadron Collier was turned on has not happened, in fact it’s been just the opposite but in the near future the machine will start smashing particles and at this present time no one knows when. Conspriacy theories go nuts as the doomsday theory hasn’t been avoided yet! I wonder if the next most popular google search will be “When is that big machine going to doom us all part 2″

For now though. Stay safe, avoid any black holes and don’t go playing with any particles!

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  • http://random-word-vomit.blogspot.com Najah

    hahaha. cool post. i don’t know if you’ve heard, but there was this 15 yr old girl who committed suicide after reading abt the LHC for fear of the armageddon. drastic indeed. actually the reason as to why the interviewee was uncertain is because all scientists (particularly physics theorists) are uncertain. in fact most of them secretly wants the Higgs to not exist so that they can reform the standard model and keep their jobs. hahaha. btw havent you heard that they stopped the beam because of the helium leakage? i’m not sure if theyre still gonna cntinue the project tho.

  • http://random-word-vomit.tumblr.com Najah

    oops, i typed the wrong website.

  • http://blog.jmwhite.co.uk James

    No I never heard about such a thing taking place, I mean I knew the Hadron Collider was scaring people but not to a extreme measure of suicide!

    In my opinion I think it’s great that science is trying to discover something, but the whole Hadron Collider is built to try and find a particle that “might” exist. Meaning most of the experiments are based on theory. Not exactly welcoming is it.

    And the Helium leakage? Well if we suddenly start edging towards the swiss country, then we know whats happened!

  • http://random-word-vomit.tumblr.com Najah

    the suicide happened in India. my father’s a physicist and i think what he said abt the LHC makes sense – a ‘no’ is an answer as well.

    if you suddenly feel like you’re inching towards the imaginary black hole, you’re welcome to stay in my place in malaysia, you’ll have at least extra minutes before being stretched into singularity. :)

  • http://blog.jmwhite.co.uk James

    Thanks for the invitation, yes the UK is unlucky enough to be one of the countries closest to the swiss border!

  • http://blog.ollynewport.com Olly Newport

    Great article.