FS Air Podcasts (First look)


I told you I’d update your on the progress of the FS Air podcasts and today is the first real insight for all you viewers, with permission from the podcast host Fire G this update is allowed to go public and gives a real first look at what to expect in the new few weeks. Now as you know, our podcasts have not been publicly released to be listened to. This is because we don’t have a website to host and display our podcasts, well we do have website setup just that we are working a covert mission, so nothing can be leaked until proper release.

We can now present to you some interesting information and a lovely screenshot of the development of FS Air. Read below on some of the information

Domain name and website:

The domain name is confirmed as www.fs-air.org and has been purchased, it currently does not display anything related to FS Air, however this will be the domain that FS Air is situated on. At this time the domain redirects to Fire Studios (Fire G’s website) The website hosting has been taken care of and we have a host ready for the launch. It is now a case of coding the template from the design that have been finalised.

The Layout/Design of FS-Air:

It’s the big update that you’ve all been waiting for, this is first look at FS Air.

Layout Design 1

Update (03/11/08):

Fire G has informed me of a new side bar idea, a screenshot of the idea is below:

Layout Design 2 (Side Bar addition)

It’s a interesting concept for the podcast, we’re not sure if it will be implemented like this but it’s certainly a idea!

This is the latest design preview of FS Air, granted changes may occur on the final design but this is potenially what you will be looking at on launch day of fs-air.org. Well deserved credit goes to Fire G here with his work in the vector images and the (whole design of course) you see on the header of the design, they are literally bastards to create and work with.

Episode information:

As I said currently you can not obtain/listen to any of our podcasts, however I can confirm that Fire G, Andrew and myself recorded the second podcast episode on Friday, and it is currently being edited and tweeked for the FS Air, of course we do not like the fact we’re keeping the episodes secret and not publishing them to the internet but we have all decided that holding these episodes back till the proper launch of FS Air is the best thing to do.

Launch date?

Launch day is yet undefinable at this time, and we don’t want to be setting dates when we aren’t sure if that date will be the one. However as soon as we can essentially set one, you will all be informed. I can tell you that current progress is good and we have been able to press on with developments.

Thanks for taking interest in the FS Air podcasts, and we hope to see you listeners on the FS Air launch!

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