Laptop Cooling Stands are they worth it?


Yesterday my laptop cooling stand I ordered was delivered by the lovely mail man, and I was eager to get it open and test it out. Like many of the computer owners out there I own a laptop and unlike others I make sure my laptop has the latest updates and hardware drivers etc rather than not really use it and let it get out dated. So I do work on it and sometimes run intense applications like Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver. But as us Laptop owners know, they get very hot, and the possibility of your Laptop over heating gets more and more probable as your laptop gets hotter especially as the temperature in the UK is starting to creep up.

Manufacturers say if your laptop gets hot to the touch you should switch it off immediately. You’ll want to test this by feeling the bottom, if this is like red hot and it actually burns your fingers, it’s time to turn it off otherwise you’re just going to start having problems. My laptop does indeed overheat when it gets too hot and simply powers down. Which I guess is fine because it’s preventing damage if It was too continue being on and overheating.

But I’ve got my Laptop Cooling Stand I ordered from Belkin. It wasn’t much just a meer £15 + postage, but i’d read some good reviews and saw that cNet had gave a good review on it. So I thought lets check it out. When I opened the box I was suprised that there wasn’t much to it.

Overhead View

Features a fan in the middle which is powered by USB, although Im careful of hardware like this that use USB it doesn’t do anything to the computers load which is a very good. Another interesting part of the cooling stand is that it features a nice wave design and thats not just good on the eyes but it also helps expel the heat, and it really does work


The wave design gives a slightly higher clearance for the bottom of laptop so it allows then fan to push more air up, so this simple design specification really aids the cooling process and even better then fan itself you can barely even here it, which is good for me as my PC has multiple fans inside and thats noisey enough!

Im really impressed with the cooling fan and whats even better is even if it’s not actually plugged in the wave design I talked about still helps expel the heat properly from the both sides so it still keeps cool, and with it being a stand I can also put it on my laptop without burning my legs or giving my bottom area a dose of radition.

So whats my overall view. I say if your Laptop is getting hot frequently I’d seriously consider investing in a laptop cooling stand, this Belkin one really helps and it was only £15 for what it does I think it’s money well spent! I’d also recommend buying one as we start to enter the hotter seasons I know wer’re in spring now, but recently in the UK the temperature is starting to get hot, but if you think about summer months, the hot air temperature and humidty combined with room temperature and your computers fan producing hot air, will mean they will be getting hot very fast so why not invest early!

Link to the Belkin Catalog

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