Big Brother, it's that time of year again


Every year in the UK were ‘blessed’ with channel 4 bringing us a reality show known as Big Brother, im sure even if your not in the UK you would of heard about it or god forbid have your own cheap and shitty rip off of it. But anyway it’s that time of year again, Big Brother will be starting very soon, I just know it, I’m really guessing, but it usually starts just after I come back from Scotland (I go every year) and that’s end of May early June plus there are those 7 DAYS screen randomly flash on Channel 4, and that’s my queue to go “Screw you”.

But yeah sorry Big Brother, I hate you dearly, and while it may be popular, there’s a small chance that it may stop in two years, which im very excited about, granted The Sun newspaper got it wrong and mis-quoted Davina Mccall saying the show would end in two years, when actually she meant the show’s contract would expire in two years. Which still there’s hope, but it kind lowers the chance of it buggering off forever. Still if rating continue to drop after this years show then it probably will end for good, and when that day comes. Champagne’s on me.

Why do I hate it so much? Simple, it’s all about taste, reality shows don’t do it for me at all. Everything these days seems to be a reality show even The Apprentice another UK show which is meant to be about business, seems to be a reality show. I’ve never really watched it properly but these days whenever I flick over to it for like seconds it seems to be three people in board room shouting at each other. If I was Sir Alan, I would just stand up and say “Why the fuck did I agree to do this, Fuck you BBC” and just leave. But yeah thats just me. Oh yeah Big Brother. I hate it because people seemed to be glued to this shit, yet as anyone just stepped back for a minute and realised. Your watching regular people, what regular people do on a daily basis, except your paying a TV license to watch it. Who’s the fool now?

OKay I’ll be honest Big Brother for the first three series was okay, and tolerable, but now we’re on number 10 and it’s just pointless now. I like how some of the fans defend it with a passion, but it’s past it’s time. Lets turn to the actual the contestants of the show. I wonder what an earth makes people think im going to audition for Big Brother, and I also love how the panelists say “This is not a way of becoming famous” to the contestants before they choose who goes in the house… Erm yes it is thats the main reason why they fucking do it. People openly audition to get there lifes dictated by many random voices and they don’t do it for fame and publicity? If there’s doing it for shits and giggles then they need a personality bypass, then again anyone that auditions or ends up on the show needs one too. If you audition for this show, you must be desprate.

Also whats the deal with E4 doing the constant 24 hour watch of the house! They even do live coverage of the house at like 3 AM in the morning, and simply film everyone sleeping, by the way if you have watched the live coverage at 3 AM by your own choice, Gordon Brown just authorized my assassination request, so I can now kill you. The channel E4 get involved by showing mainly live coverage of the house with some repeats etc. But then there’s the little sub shows like Big Brothers little brother or Big Brothers faggot channel 4 crap (okay I made the second one up) But if one show wasn’t bad enough, they have all of these sub shows, which basically summarise the actibity of the housemates (Basically like catch up segments) and something that makes me laugh, they get pyschologists on the little segment shows and they explain what the housemates are doing, and why Joe doesn’t like Kate etc etc. HOW SAD ARE YOU? Thanks but I’ll live in the real world thanks and worry about my own life.

If it wasn’t bad enough with the Channel E4 doing constant live coverage I also hate Big Brother because it fucks up Channel 4 in the mornings. I might be part of a minority, but when I get up in the morning I like to watch Everyone Loves Raymond, you know some morning comedy to get you going, but no but that little segment show Big Brothers Little Brother takes over from like 7 – 9 am so when I wake up I won’t be getting my morning comedy, I’ll be getting some random bints in a house. Fantastic. Excuse while I turn over to GMTV and get brained washed by there media crap instead.

Whats annoying as soon as Big Brother is launched or is about to be it spreads like a fucking diesase not just on TV but in other media aspects such as newspapers, particularly in tabloid newspapers, which is probably predictable, but when I open the newspaper say The Sun, quickly browse page 3 (Don’t deny you don’t look) and then BAM BIG BROTHER LATEST STORY OMG. It’s either, some latest activity in the house or someones revealed some ‘shocking’ revolation about a housemate. Care much?

I don’t know why people continue to watch it, realistically all it is, people sit around, get drunk, sleep, do stupid tasks and probably some stupid romance develops. Oh sorry im not meant to tell you what happens. I find it funny that the UK can spend so much money on broadcasting this shite yet our economy is up shit creek. Oh Noes I lost my house but don’t worry Big Brother is coming back again this year. HURRAAY!

Well Big Brother 10, I won’t be watching it, but im sure many people of the British public will be sucked into it’s vortex and become lifeless drones to it. Have fun. Remember big brother is watching you. No actually. Your watching big brother watching them.

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  • Matt

    Aight james, Nice blog you got going here

    ermm yeah
    Big brothers shit…yeah

    Death metul.


    • James

      Damn right Oriental Thrash metal YEAH.