Downtime on James' Blog for 19/06/09


Today James’ Blog experienced some downtime today, about 12 hours worth, which is quite alot, but strangely this was not because of a server going down. No it was a strange incident involving one of the key systems that powers WordPress (The engine that runs James’ Blog) and that is MySQL. If you had visited the site today then you would of either got just a forever loading page or if you had viewed the site after a few hours you would of got the temp page I set up, which redirected all links to the temp page. Because the website wasn’t offline just a key system wasn’t functioning correctly which like I said was MySQL, it handles all of the databases connections and because access to the database couldn’t be established nothing was able to be displayed.

My host got in touch with me after having communication difficulties of there own and basically this was the problem:

“There was first an issue with MySQL which i corrected, but then outbound requests would not resolve hostnames. This highlighted an issue with DNS, which I have now resolved. Two, probably unrelated issues happening consecutively…”

In basic terms the service MySQL could not process connections correctly and the DNS (Which is mainly the domain name which is had difficultly to. Probably just bad timing like Dan (The Tech support rep said in the statement above) but everything is fixed now and also my host have put in some new measures to stop this from happening ever again which is good! But to be fair since moving to LRC-Hosting 10 months ago, this has been the only downtime besides when they moved there network around (Which was planned)

Anyway James’ Blog is back online again, sorry for the downtime and now I shall reply to some of your comments that people have been leaving on articles and tutorials.

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