Project Anti Tables officially goes live!


After months and months of development and input, the website project Anti Tables goes live! You may remember a post a while back talking about Anti Tables (View post here) well the project still continued, but development dramatically expanded after a few months and the site was taken down to continue the development. The original plan was to release Anti Tables in 2008 and then start building up content and aiming to get a decent amount of traffic by 2009. But this quickly became impossible as a lot of new ideas were in the air and it wasn’t possible.

So what is Anti Tables?

I’ve already posted a launch post on Anti Tables. but I thought I’d post my own little version of the Anti Tables launch here. So to answer the question. Anti Tables is a project that was officially created by myself and Andrew Turner, who I have known and you would have seen him sometimes comment on my posts here. We have been friends for a while and have been working on Anti Tables for a while now.

What does Anti Tables provide?

Anti Tables is a website development website, much like the tutorials I post here, Anti Tables will also feature tutorials in website development, but whats different is both Andrew and myself will be posted content, as well as any guest posters that might want to get there posts on Anti Tables. What I plan to do with content which I have writtten for Anti Tables, is to post a summary post of the article/tutorial that at Anti Tables and then make the permalink redirect to the full article over at Anti Tables. So now you will be seeing alot of Anti Tables references, Andrew has also said he will be doing this on his blog. So the name Anti Tables is going to become a household name here!

What is going to happen with James’ Blog?

Absolutely nothing, in the sense of disappearing. James’ Blog has just turned one years old and everything such as the domain name the website hosting has been renewed, so James’ Blog is here to stay, and for thousands of years to come. Anti Tables doesn’t change anything other than you will see summary posts of content that I have wrote at Anti Tables.
Content will continue to appear on James’ Blog as normal.

Andrew Turner, who is this guy?

I have mentioned him a few times in this post, so without giving a full profile on him, Andrew is my friend from Sydney Australia, he’s mad about website development and is also a freelance website designer, and has done work for many clients, you can check out his blog here for everything on this guy. Personally I have known Andrew for a few years and frequently talk on Skype, but what’s unusual is were both across the globe, he is in Australia while I reside in England. Time zones much?! It actually works quite well as in a work shift type situation, when I go to bed. Andrew will be waking up, when Andrew goes to bed I’ll be waking up and in the weekend, were both up at ridiculous times. But this means Anti Tables will always be monitored.

Stop reading this and check out Anti Tables!

Obey the header! That’s basically it for my launch post, like I said I’ve already posted a launch post on Anti Tables which explains specific things about Anti Tables.

Click here to go to Anti Tables

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