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FS Air Podcasts (First look)

I told you I’d update your on the progress of the FS Air podcasts and today is the first real insight for all you viewers, with permission from the podcast host Fire G this update is allowed to go public and gives a real first look at what to expect in the new few weeks. Now as you know, our podcasts have not been publicly released to be listened to. This is because we don’t have a website to host and display our podcasts, well we do have website setup just that we are working a covert mission, so nothing can be leaked until proper release.


My first venture into the podcast world

Last night my friend Fire G, his friend Andrew and myself have recorded the first podcast episode for the new podcast series FS Air, we currently have and scheduled five episode for the series and the first one was recorded last night (For Fire G it was the afternoon and for Andrew it was the morning. Screw time zones! there all bulls**t) but time zones aside we managed to find a slot where we could all get online and record!


Is 2012 the end for us human kind?

If the fact of having some huge Hadron Collider killing us all by punching a black hole into the earth and sucking us all in wasn’t enough, we now have yet another doomsday theory circulating! This time ladies and gentlemen it’s not crazy swiss people with PHD’s, this time it’s a prophecy which for told century’s ago that we are going to be doomed 2,000 years later of this prophecy. Fear not! This time we can prepare as the exact date of Doomsday is 21st Decemeber 2012!


You just can't avoid spam!

Spam. A four letter word that potentially has enough hate to make people explode. We all know what spam is and it’s got worse over the years. I mean it was always present in email where by some company get there hands on your email and start sending you there crap and then you’d spend 15 minutes or so sorting through the spam crap that your junk mail was meant to sort out for you. But after a while it takes it’s toll, especially on blog websites because spam bots always seem to get hold of your comments script and then constantly attack you with your own code. EVIL!


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