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Is 2012 the end for us human kind?

If the fact of having some huge Hadron Collider killing us all by punching a black hole into the earth and sucking us all in wasn’t enough, we now have yet another doomsday theory circulating! This time ladies and gentlemen it’s not crazy swiss people with PHD’s, this time it’s a prophecy which for told century’s ago that we are going to be doomed 2,000 years later of this prophecy. Fear not! This time we can prepare as the exact date of Doomsday is 21st Decemeber 2012!


Hang on, were not inside a black hole?!

Oh dear ladies and gentlemen looks like this mass panic of the earth ending today was all for nothing! Unless we’ve been sucked into the black hole and managed to sustain and preserve the earth so we can continuing living, but I think the black hole hasn’t consumed us. At least not yet anyway. Well yesterday I was eagely awaiting the turn on of the Hadron Collider, actually I overslept and completely forgot about it until I saw various news articles on talking about it, then realised, oh yeah Earth’s meant to end today.


10th September: The earth ends?

Well apparently the worlds going to end tomorrow (10th September) which sucks because I get my laptop, and it has Windows Vista on and everything! But apparently many people are convinced that the Large Hadron Collier will destroy the entire cosmos. If there are any other civilizations watching us from other planets there problem just laughing there faces off at the human race because panicking and causing wide spread panic is what we seem to do best. Yes I’m looking at you THE MEDIA! But because I’m too ignorant to care about the doomsday theories or the scientific bullcrap behind it all, I’ll give you my interpretation of the while Hadron Collider


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