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Howdy! I'm James, a website developer from Nottingham who loves all things web. When I'm not in web developer mode I enjoy writing on my blog, gaming and going on Netflix TV series binges.

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Creating a localhost in Windows (Part 1: Installing Apache)

A localhost is a developers best friend when it comes to testing out server side scripts etc. Much like a web-server, a localhost is a space which is offline but allows you to view/test server side code as if it was a real online server, but infact you will be creating a server which can only be accessed by you. There are many ways to create an localhost but there is one easy newbie friendly way to go about it, and that is by installing Apache web server on your computer. This method is very simple and easy to follow.

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Standard WordPress loops for a typical blog

WordPress has something called loops in it’s code. There are various loops in WordPress that can perform various functions such as display WordPress pages in a navigation bar automatically instead of hard coding it, displaying recent posts etc. but if your a serious blogger then you’ll probably want to know the code that runs your blog. So here’s some must have WordPress loops for you and your WordPress website.

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PSP Homebrew: RemoteJoy

I am a owner of the lovely PlayStation Portable (PSP) and I think it’s one of Sony’s great achievements, in my opinion I think it’s the best handheld out there and possibly will be for a while. I was fortunate to be bought one for Christmas a couple of years ago, and since then have always loved it. I love my PSP, but how I use it my sound like I abuse it, you see the PSP has firmware installed which is essentially the life functions of the PSP. It controls all the settings of the PSP and also manages all of the capabilities, however Sony also have firmware in place to control some features which are restricted and locked away in each firmware update.

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Ebay auctions and the intensity of it all!

Im not a big fan of online auctioning, I don’t really feel secure, plus you have to have some form of plan before you bid otherwise you’ll probably end up losing a bidding war approximately 100% of the time, to me it seems to much work just to get product, perhaps it’s cheaper and your making a saving, but your still putting a effort in to get a product which might not get at the end of it. But last night, I got a taste of what online auctioning and bidding was like. And I’ve got to say How freaking intense is eBay! I mean wow, you’d think that because it’s online it’s less intense, but my god it’s so the opposite!

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Whats been going on recently

Over the past few days James’ Blog has been having some changes (mainly the behind the scenes stuff) changed and upgraded, but due to this, you may have been experiencing problems with the website or even not be able to access it at points. But because you can’t see the back end stuff thats changed I thought I’d update you on whats been going on

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