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Protecting your website from spam and misuse

If your a owner of website that is generally popular and your website features functions like commenting, then you are bound to get random spam comments that appear everywhere, other functions that are often targeted include contact forms, random bot users that register to your website (If it has some form of member system) and more functions that spammers generally attack. Spam bots love attacking the above features but this article will help you fight off the spam!


Two Column (Right) Blank CSS Template

Here is a blank two column (Right) CSS template which you can use to get you started on building a website. All of the main divs have been styled and the layout is avaliable for you to simply paste into your favorite code editor and begin designing it to your liking. You’ll find the full source for the blank CSS template at the bottom of the page. However please read the whole page instead of skipping to the source code, there’s a couple of statements about certain CSS attributes you might want to change