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Whats James up to lately?

You may have noticed that I haven’t been active in the March month as much as I’d hoped. The main reason behind this is because of exams that are approaching in about a months time and im finding myself not having time to post on my blog and generally my internet activities (That probably sounds wrong) but yeah I thought I’d post this to announce that im still here. Infact If you’ve noticed im still here reply to people posting comments on my various articles but just can’t find the time to post new content.


To have one thing you must lose another

Thats a quote that my life resolves around alot. Last night I was working on my IT Coursework on Task 3 of the coursework booklet. The task is to create a quotation system in Microsoft Excel for a carpet company called DM carpets, after you have created the quotation system with all of the relative formulae and formulas you then have to screenshot each part of the quotation system and show evidence of how It works. I was doing this last night and managed to get 5 pages of explianation.


A blast from the past

It was most defiantly a “blast from the past” moment today in my A level I.T class for the coursework Task 2 of 4 is to create a website for a company called DM Carpets (It’s all part of the specification, it’s not a real organisation) but task two is to create a website with specific pages and specific content but of course the layout is up to you, which is great as Website Development might as well be my middle name. Today was mainly about the theory of it all and I don’t want to sound big headed here but I knew it already, but I have been in the website development scene for a few years so it’s nothing new to me.