About James’ Blog

James’ Blog (or James’s blog if you want to argue the great James’ vs James’s grammar war), is my personal blog. Typically I talk about website development related areas, but sometimes talk about anything random that I feel like bashing out on a keyboard. Like many websites everyone has some form of about page somewhere, this is mine. I do apologise in advance however, as I find them rather boring so mine will be rather funky because I needed to entertain myself when I wrote it!

A little about me

Well my name is James, if you guessed that already, +5 points for you! I was born 6th March 1992 so you can calculate my age, I’m too lazy to write a PHP date function just for that! I love everything Website Development. My main areas of interest and expertise are:

  • CSS
  • JavaScript/jQuery
  • WordPress
  • Email campaigns
  • Linux/Bash

It might be slightly telling from the above that my day job consists of being a web developer!

As well as website development I also have interests in:

  • Linux
  • System Security/Penetration Testing
  • Server Management

Kicking about since 2008

I originally started my blog in August 2008. I recall it was a rather sunny day, but that was irrelevant, I hate sunlight, screen glare is my enemy! My blog has evolved over the years and it has been through a total of three redesigns as well as three domains different domains (I am a domain whore). You may have known it from either james-blogs.com or jamesblogs.com, now however you will find it under my main domain jmwhite.co.uk as a subdomain, and I promise it will be the last domain change I do (seriously not going through that again). My SEO took a major hit and there was some major migration work I had to do. NOT FUN.

I once disappeared from the Internet (true story)

For part of 2011 and all of 2012 my blog completely disappeared from the face of Internet, by my own choice. I was unfortunately unable to keep it active with fresh content and hence took it down for a while. (The gaping 2011-2013 gap is rather apparent if you check the archives!). It was around the time when I’d just finished college and was moving straight into a full time job (I had no intention of going to University). So I was suddenly a proper British Citizen, paying taxes and National Insurance being a working man all of that stuff. However during this time I was working on a complete redesign to launch when the time was right and even though it took about two years to appear again, its back!

What is this sorcery?

My blog is powered by the wonderful WordPress Content Management System and is hosted by the awesome guys and girls at LRC-Gaming (Also known as LRC Networks) on their VPS server hosting (Quad core baby). Why VPS? Because root access is awesome, and this website likes to eat bandwidth. Not even funny. I’m officially poor because of this blog, I hope you’re happy Internet!

Want more history you won’t find on Wikipedia?

I hope you enjoy my blog and the content I write. If you want to get in touch with me, I’d love to hear from you! Head over to my contact page and feel free to send me a message, good or bad, I love reading feedback whatever it is!