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Rounded Corners in CSS3

strong>Since it’s been snowing in Nottingham today and I’ve come down with a cold, I’ve been staying indoors, Although during College, all of us have been playing in the snow (Don’t judge, we’re all still young at heart!) but I’ve been playing around with the rounded corners effect in CSS3, now in my article Getting ready for CSS3 I listed a few major additions that CSS3 will bring to the web, I mentioned Shadows, multiple backgrounds and some more, but another great addition in CSS3 will be rounded corners.


Generating Post thumbnails in WordPress

As I promised, im now going to share with you the new post thumbnail script that James’ Blog is using, this is the first WordPress tutorial ever posted on James’ Blog and officially starts the new WordPress tutorial category! In this tutorial you’ll be learning how to combine PHP and metadata to create unqiue post thumbnails which can be defined in the Manage post section of WP-Admin


Creating a website navigation bar with CSS

There are many ways to create a navigation bar, you can use a programs like Photoshop and then convert the image into code, but when I see people creating them in Photoshop I think why bother? When you can simply use CSS for the whole creation and code of it. Granted Photoshop can be used in other development tasks such as designing a full website template. But in this tutorial I will show you how to create a very clean navigation bar using CSS and nothing else (Well HTML too but CSS for the majority!)


How to make a decent navigation bar

A navigation bar is of course essential part of a website as it’s going to where all your links to the site are stored, so your obviously be going to needing one, and it’s also going to be need to look appealing. This tutorial will teach you how to make a navigation bar using only XHTML and CSS with no use of Javascript or any other code


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