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Creating a localhost in Windows (Part 4: Installing phpMyAdmin)

Your Localhost is very nearly complete, we’ve installed Apache, PHP 5 and MySQL 5. I breifly talked about the ability to modify and change MySQL databases. Well phpMyAdmin can do just that, this tool allows you to do this, it helps you manage your MySQL database in a nicely presented admin panel which you can easily change tables, prefixes and much more. This tool is a must if you plan on creating databases on your localhost


Creating a localhost in Windows (Part 3: Installing MySQL 5)

In part two, we installed almightly PHP language onto our localhost, with that you can now run php scripts and code offline on your localhost, but for example what if you want to test a script that needs a database your basically stuck aren’t you? Well to handle databases there’s something called MySQL, this is simple a relation database management system and is present on most web-servers avaliable today. MySQL allows you to create and modify (To a certain extent) databases on a server, and lucky you, it can be installed on a localhost! We will be installing the MySQL service and getting it to run with your localhost.