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Email Campaigns on Windows Phone (Part 3: Exchange ActiveSync)

This is the final part of the email campaigns on Windows Phone series and this time I look at how Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) mailboxes behave within Outlook Mobile on Windows Phone. The EAS protocol is what powers Exchange/Office 365 mailboxes on many mobile devices including Windows Phone and is something that is common in the enterprise world. The experience from an email campaign point of view and to the end user however, is rather frustrating. Find out the key differences and why things don’t quite work the same as POP3/IMAP below.


Email Campaigns on Windows Phone (Part 2: POP3/IMAP)

This is the second part of the email campaigns on Windows Phone series where I look into how email accounts that are configured with POP3/IMAP behave within Outlook Mobile. IMAP is a very common protocol for email these days which mail accounts like Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and others all use so potentially you’ll likely encounter a user base in your marketing list(s) using Windows Phone with these mail accounts. Find out more to see how email campaigns behave on Windows Phone with POP3/IMAP.


Email Campaigns on Windows Phone (Part 1: Outlook Mobile)

Outlook Mobile is the official name for the native mail app in Windows Phone 7 and 8 series devices where all types of mail accounts are all stored and accessed from. Outlook Mobile has been an interesting area to explore from an email design/campaign point of view because of its different behaviours depending on key parameters. In this three part series, I document the foundations of the Windows Phone mail app and its different behaviours when used with different email account types on various Windows Phone OS versions.