Exclusive Look at Windows 7 Professional


Well I haven’t blogged in a while and thats because I’ve been busy with personal things, but because this blogs about everything but myself here’s my latest happening in a blog post. Im sure you’ve all heard about Windows 7, Microsoft’s brand new operating system which has been through it’s BETA and Release Candidate stages and is due to be released to the public on 22nd October, but because of my college and it’s partnership with Microsoft Software Development Network and the MSDN Academic Alliance. I was able to get my hands on a genuine copy of Windows 7 Professional and had some time to install it onto my Compaq Presario Laptop.

First of all I apologise for the crap quality of any images of the setup screen of Windows 7, the lighting was bad, the camera isn’t great but hey. The inside Windows pictures are what counts right anyway, take a look at some of these bad boys:

Windows 7 Professional Setup:

Again the quality of the camera is crap, but here’s the Windows 7 setup screens. I picked out random parts, that really don’t follow any order.

Windows 7 Setup

Here’s the intital setup screen where by Windows 7 is actually installing, I think it was expanding files at this point, though I must say the process was very quick.

Windows 7 Setup

After the intital setup of Windows 7, the computer restarted (I think it restarted once already before this screen) and then we have various different black screens.

Windows 7 Setup

The new boot screen replaces the old green loading bar with a funky new windows logo.

Windows 7 Setup

Here’s the screen after the whole setup basically my turn to enter some details. After this screen I was asked to enter my product key, it is different to Vista where it used to ask you before you installed anything.

Windows 7 Setup

Settings part out of the way and were in Windows 7. Notice the large screen resolution, my nVidia graphics card wasn’t awake yet (It was using legacy drivers)

Windows 7 Setup

And this was my first view of Windows 7. Again I needed to hunt down my graphics card drivers.

Windows 7 Setup

The first thing you should always open after installing a new operating system, good old Windows Update!

Windows 7 Setup

Oh look nVidia is alive! I got my drivers all sorted

Windows 7 Setup

Ah Windows 7 in it’s nice Widescreen HD setting!

The Installation Process

Well after those handful of pictures I should probably tell you what the installation was like, and I can happily tell you that it was like a dream. No hiccups or anything, the installation was smooth and was relatively fast. I did a clean install, I would of loved to use the upgrade option but I wasn’t able to jump from Windows Vista Home Basic to Windows 7 Professional so clean install was the method of choice. Apart from that the installation went fine and I was soon looking at Windows 7. What I did as soon as I got into Windows for the first time was run Windows Update. It was nice to see that Windows automatically picked up key drivers for components and installed them automatically, but I did have to manually hunt for my nVidia Graphics Card Driver but that was pretty easy, I just headed over to the Support and Drivers section on the nVidia website and grabbed the Windows 7 drivers for my graphics card, which is great that nVidia have drivers written for Windows 7 already!

After that I was ready to show some of the great new features of Windows 7!

Screenshots and features of Windows 7!

You’ve been waiting for these I know you have, the wait is over! Click on any images below to enlarge them to it’s full view, so you can see the sexiness of Windows 7!

Inside Windows 7

This is the new Windows 7 Desktop complete with a new taskbar and interface, I also setup up my sidebar, except the sidebar has slightly changed, instead of being in a bar it is now just single gadgets that are positioned to your liking! Notice the taskbar icons too.

Inside Windows 7

The start menu has changed a bit. Though the changes aren’t that big.

Inside Windows 7

How Windows 7 presents multiple windows of the same type is super cool, a unique grouping concept from the Windows 7 UI developers.

Inside Windows 7

Windows Aero has changed a bit in Windows 7. Images are more crisper and the Aero Flip is more addicting than ever to just sitt there and spam the crap out of the Windows and tab keys!

Inside Windows 7

Here’s a slightly boring screenshot of the control panel. I just want to add that UAC does still exist but don’t worry it has become less annoying. It still has moments but it’s been actually incorporated well into Windows 7, not just thrown in this time! Also im just showing off my system window, basically to show that im not faking a Windows 7 BETA or Release Candidate, it’s the real thing!

Inside Windows 7

And finally just some more proof that the copy is geniune. You can’t have my Product Key though. Sorry 😉

My opinion on Windows 7

Wow. If you ignored the problems of Vista and thought it was good then WOW you are going to be blown away by Windows 7. It’s a shame really because in the back of my mind I keep thinking that some of Windows 7 should have been in Vista, but alas that is in the past. Windows 7 is defiantly worth it though. If you have a computer with Windows Vista running well then you are most likely able to run Windows 7. You can actually install the Windows 7 Advisor which will check your computer to see if it can run Windows 7. But feature wise Windows 7 is packed full of goodies and is certainly an operating system that Microsoft should be proud of, something for the next generation of Windows for sure. It’s defiantly an achievement and a pretty one at that. Im in love with the interface of Windows 7 and in general just Windows 7! Im glad I didn’t try out the BETA or Release Candidates of Windows 7 because if I had, I probably would of never wanted to let it go. I can safetly say that my laptop is not going back to Vista. It’s staying on Windows 7!

If you have any question about Windows 7, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll respond to you as soon as possible. Im still getting used to it myself, but why not comment anyway!

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  • W O W..

    Stop making me jealous! Just because your Mr. Connected with MSDN and MSDN AA so you get W7 Pro before everyone else, doesn’t mean you can Brag 😛

    Though I must admit, all jokes aside, you are lucky to get your hands on this and it looks great. Only a few weeks until i can get get my hands on W7 to upgrade..

    Shame they don’t do this in Australia for cool people like me.. LOL

  • Thanks for the comment Andrew, and yeah I am very lucky and can’t thank my college, MSDN and MSDN Academic Alliance for the ability to give me and my friends in our Software Development group the ability to access software for free!

    While I have probably annoyed people with “I HAS WINDOWS 7 PROFESSIONAL OMG OMG” I hope the screenshots have show people the awesomeness of Windows 7!

  • Reimar

    I using Windows 7 since Beta and have to say: It’s the best Windows min. since 3.11, better in my opinion!

    Just to let you know: there isn’t a “hunt” required for the most of the drivers “missing” within installation! Just be connected to the Internet and wait a couple of minutes and all will installed automatically.

    I had only need to “hunt” for one driver for my Laptop and that was the internal Camera!

    Otherwise: Nothing better than Windows 7!

    • Yes, I didn’t have to hunt for drivers. Windows Update took over after I ran it grabbed most of mine (Even down to my laptops touch pad) which I was very grateful for. I did actually have to manually obtain both drivers for my nVidia GeForce 8200 M graphics card and also for my nForce Chipset. Other than that. Everything was sorted for me.

      As you said. Nothing better than Windows 7!

  • Alex

    How does Classic theme look? Is it possible to have the old streamlined start menu or is it just a gray version as shown here: http://www.istartedsomething.com/20081029/windows-7-themes-glass-basic-and-classic/ ?

  • The link you provided is how the themes are setup. You can have Aero Glass which is full Aero with transparency and all. Aero basic which is Windows 7 styling along with Aero styling but with no transparency or Aero functions, and Classic which is essentially the Windows NT look, though classic looks might strange on a double the height taskbar!

    Hope that helps.

  • Thanx for the information. I was looking for a review of W7 like this. I almost enjoyed it. I think I will buy W7 for sure.

    • Thanks, No problem 🙂

  • Have several web sites:

    They are all built with MS FP., the final version of 2003
    I cannot afford, nor do I think at my age, over 55, that I could learn to use a new editor, like Dreamweaver.
    So, I will continue my love-hate relationship with FP.
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    BTW, if you are interested in wildlife, gator-woman.com is the one closest to my heart. I did it primarily for teachers and students to help make them aware of the fragile existence of these endangered species in Florida.
    Thank you for this great place of learning. Hope that you continue to help those of us out here who struggle with rotten editors and bad code, to do what makes us smile each day, our web sites~
    thank you,
    Donna Jones
    Paisley, Florida