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Howdy! I'm James, a website developer who loves all things web. When I'm not in web developer mode I enjoy writing on my blog and gaming. When I'm not doing that I'm probably on Netflix going on the latest TV series binge.

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Creating a localhost in Windows (Part 2: Installing PHP 5)


In part one we setup a Apache server and configured the localhost ready for you to use, we also set up the directory where you are going to save your local files. But so far in part one we only essentially setup the localhost, so all of the goodness of being able to view server side documents/scripts etc won’t work yet as you will need to install them, one of the most popular if not the popular server side code is PHP. It is used mostly to create dynamic webpages. Lets install PHP!

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Rounded Corners in CSS3


strong>Since it’s been snowing in Nottingham today and I’ve come down with a cold, I’ve been staying indoors, Although during College, all of us have been playing in the snow (Don’t judge, we’re all still young at heart!) but I’ve been playing around with the rounded corners effect in CSS3, now in my article Getting ready for CSS3 I listed a few major additions that CSS3 will bring to the web, I mentioned Shadows, multiple backgrounds and some more, but another great addition in CSS3 will be rounded corners.

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Creating a localhost in Windows (Part 1: Installing Apache)


A localhost is a developers best friend when it comes to testing out server side scripts etc. Much like a web-server, a localhost is a space which is offline but allows you to view/test server side code as if it was a real online server, but infact you will be creating a server which can only be accessed by you. There are many ways to create an localhost but there is one easy newbie friendly way to go about it, and that is by installing Apache web server on your computer. This method is very simple and easy to follow.

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Creating a glassy non div navigation bar


I’ve been doing a big of changes to the header of James’ Blog and one of the main changes is the navigation, I’ve used a glassy effect to make them stand out but I’ve also noticed I’ve posted quite a few tutorials on creating a navigation bar, but in each of them I’ve used divs. But it’s time for change! In this tutorial however, no divs will be used, instead you will be forming a navigation bar using a unordered list. This tutorial will show you how to style and control lists in CSS, as well as showing you the valid ways of using lists and where to use them.

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Generating Post thumbnails in WordPress


As I promised, im now going to share with you the new post thumbnail script that James’ Blog is using, this is the first WordPress tutorial ever posted on James’ Blog and officially starts the new WordPress tutorial category! In this tutorial you’ll be learning how to combine PHP and metadata to create unqiue post thumbnails which can be defined in the Manage post section of WP-Admin

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