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Howdy! I'm James, a website developer from Nottingham, England who loves all things web. When I'm not in web developer mode I enjoy writing on my blog and gaming. When I'm not doing that I'm probably on Netflix going on the latest TV series binge.

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The new domain for James' Blog


If your the observant type then you might of noticed that the URL in address bar is no longer james-blogs.com but in fact jamesblogs.com, just noticed? You jumped out of your seat right? Well it’s not that dramatic, but yes the primary domain of James’ Blog has now changed. This was one of the main reasons why James’ Blog was taken offline while the new updates occurred, simply because all of the domain type stuff going on and keeping the blog online would of meant masses of 404 Not Found errors, which are not good. Anyway read more to find out what’s been going on with the new domain.

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Welcome to the new James' Blog


Welcome back everyone to the new James’ Blog! Under the place holder page that you’ve all been seeing for a month or so, this is what’s been hiding underneath, a new theme and many changes to the back end! Did you enjoy the countdown timer I added on the place holder page? Well I was laughing, one of my friends suggested I should also have Europe – The final countdown playing when you visited the page, but I thought that was going too far. Anyway continue reading to find out all the changes to James’ Blog!

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How long till the Xbox 360 gets BBC's iPlayer?


Whats the main the difference between the Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and PS3? Ignoring the obvious specification differences, the flame war comments and the general fan boy douchness, one of these consoles doesn’t have BBC’s iPlayer service and falling short is Microsoft’s Xbox 360, iPlayer is probably one of the main demands that a typical UK Xbox 360 console owner want to see appeaing on their Xbox Dashboard and yet were still waiting for BBC’s iPlayer service to make an appearance. Whats taking so long?!

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Ten reasons why I won't sign up to facebook


Everyone is on that god awful website called Facebook these days, social networking has never been my thing, but I’ve never understood the whole point of it, but apparently most of the human population seem to be on it these days, clicking away on peoples profiles you don’t even know, pretending your actually enjoying your Facebook browsing when in fact your bored our your mind and have nothing else better to do. So im taking one for the Facebook hating team and showing you my ten reasons why I won’t sign up to Facebook. Warning this article contains truth which could ruin the magic for some of you.

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How the new Formula 1 season isn't "doomed"


I’ve never really talked about Formula 1 much here, but I’ve been a F1 lover since I was like five. To me F1 is one of those areas which I can talk about for hours and can rattle off loads of information about anything to do with the sport, but recently the media seemed to have grasped onto the fact that the new F1 seasons is doomed already and how the first race was boring. Sometimes I really think the media put F1 in a bad light, but thats just me. Anyway I decided to post my thoughts on why the F1 season isn’t “doomed”

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